Reflections of GRACE…..

Just wanted to share some thoughts today. 

I am SO blessed!  Don’t get me wrong….I have plenty on my plate that needs fulfilling or fixing, but I know how blessed I am and for that I have a peace inside.  Jesus Rules and He loves me!!  Cool!  Here are some awesome blessings that I have listed:

  • I have lived over 15,000 days and God has never let me go hungry even 1 day.  Makes me stop and think of those who have gone many days without food or clean water.
  • I have parents who love me and follow Christ – for REAL….follow Christ.  I know many friends who would give anything to have Jesus put their parents back together and have a family life of some normalcy.
  • My wife and kids have come to know Jesus and have a personal relationship  with Him.  I don’t have that to worry over.  However, I do have other family and friends that are either still searching or haven’t recognized the need of Jesus in their lives.
  • I have been a Christ follower longer now than I haven’t been.  But, I know there are many that I see everyday and scattered across this world who don’t have that relationship.  The word EMPTY comes to mind.
  • My boys both play organized baseball either with school or rec leagues.  They are extremely healthy and yet I know there are many children who would love to be able to run, see, hear, talk, not to mention play with a ball. 
  • God has been faithful even when I haven’t.  He has blessed when I have cursed.  He has loved when I have hated.  He has sacrificed when I haven’t.  Jesus endured all my sins and yours when we couldn’t. 

I could tell you of some things that are legitimate needs in my family and in my life.  I’m sure you could do the same in these tumultuous times we live, but for a moment, stop and think of all the blessings you and I have.

Jesus Rules!!!


4 Responses

  1. I am blessed……and grateful! 🙂

  2. Amen, amen and amen my friend. When I look into the face of my precious grandsons, see them smile or hear them laugh – all the other junk of this world passes away. Thank you Father for showing us what love is – so that we can learn to love each other.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts. When I survey it all, I am so very blessed as well.

  4. Thanks Eric – one of the things I have always loved about you is you shoot straight from the heart!

    Great to hear from you again!

    Lots of love and prayers to you and the family!


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