Keys Make All The Difference

If you don’t believe me…go somewhere about 20 miles from home and lock your keys in your vehicle.  If you are lucky like I am and have a loving, kind and precious wife you’ll be fine, but if you don’t what would you do?  Who would you call?

It’s an awful feeling when it happens.  Dana brought me a key and TOLD me to put it in my wallet.  So, I did.  But, I got to take her to lunch and it was worth locking my keys in my car.  Weehoo!


14 Responses

  1. I’ve left my keys in my husband’s car, only to remember AFTER he went to work 45 minutes away. Because he meets his coworkers part way there, and carpools with them — he couldn’t get to the keys either! So I had to cancel my activities for the day, and stayed home with the kids to cook and play with playdough. Hidden blessings!


  2. Eric,

    I’m sure Dana would have gone to lunch if you just asked her!

  3. Now that’s what I call creative. Kinda like the “yawn so I can put my arm around her” deal.You stud! 🙂

  4. in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, keys or no keys……love you! thanks for lunch 🙂

  5. Yes, no fun doing it eitehr when you just purchased 2 weeks worth of groceries and you have all that melting food. Been there & done that. Glad Dana was close.

  6. dude, you lost your keys, at least you still got your wife 🙂 that’s good. what an excuse to get to see her during that day, huh????
    btw, the light show on top of your blog, intense!! 🙂

    • yeah…everytime I leaver her in the car…she just get out. Even if I were to lock her in the car…she’d just get out.

  7. I would be in BIG trouble. No wife to call and I don’t carry my wallet in my pocket so having a key in there wouldn’t do much good. I usually try to put the key ring on my finger so I know I have the keys, or I take my remote door unlock device separate from the keys so I have a way to get in. Of course that doesn’t work well if the vehicle battery is dead. Don’t ask me how I know. : )

  8. Just so that doesn’t happen to me, I keep a car and house key XXXXXXXXXXX. I also have a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I think I am extra-cautious because I grew up in such a remote area and if you locked your keys in your car, you could be there for days!!! LOL!! Hey, you got a great perk: lunch w/Dana!

    • Julie, I’m picking on you, but I x’d out all the information you put on this. I don’t think you need the world to know that stuff. You might come up missing a car. Haahaha. Xs for protection of the innocent.

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