Georgia Survives!!!

georgia-bulldog-logos180x360~s180x360The ESPN commentator said it best, “Georgia survives!”  Coach Richt said, “the blocked extra point was a blessing.”  He also said, “The red zone defense won the football game.”  The South Carolina Gamecocks have to be so frustrated.  They had every chance in the world to win the football game.

My two cents is that we should have won by three touchdowns.  Our defense was poor in my opinion.  If we play the same defense against Vandy and Kentucky, they will both give us a game.  If our defense is the same against the rest of the SEC we’re dead. 

It seems to me that whenever we get ahead, our defense never gets to the QB.  I don’t get it.  When we press the QB, we get two to three touchdowns ahead and then we start playing prevent.  This season is going to be a tough rebuilding year I am afraid and I bet we hear “Georgia Survives!” again.  I hope so anyway.

By the way, OSU got beat by Houston…OMG.  We stunk last week.  Maybe Houston is the team to watch.


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  1. GO GATORS!!! : )

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