Are You Part of a Small Group?

“I believe I will have more kingdom impact with the 10 people that meet in my home on Monday night than I will with the thousands whom I preach before on Sundays.”   -Andy Stanley

Wow!  A pretty powerful statement coming from Andy Stanley.  For what it’s worth, I totally  agree with him.

I have been involved in small groups a little over three years and I think it is a great way to actually DO LIFE with other believers.  Small groups to me, so resembles the way Jesus did life with His disciples.  

Small groups are considerably more than a class or just a Bible Study.  Don’t get me wrong…I am for Bible studies and classes are fine, but living out the life of a Christ follower with a small group of believers is so ALIVE IN CHRIST to me!

In a small group, just like the disciples,  members begin to grow and depend on each other, serve each other and LOVE each other.  This just can’t happen sitting in rows.  Once we get in a circle and everyone in that circle becomes interactive and an interesting bonding takes place.  Often times the group becomes like family. 

I will say, it can get messy.  Going to a class or Bible study doesn’t often bring the messiness of life with it because often you listen and leave .  Trust in relationships and interaction is rare in a Bible study or class.  Let’s face it, humans dealing with life is MESSY.  But, when we are together as a small group of believers there is accountability, care and interaction that often times we (even believers) avoid.

Are you part of a small group?


3 Responses

  1. Small groups are awesome! In fact, a prime requirement for
    Tonya and I when searching out our new church home where ever we move soon will be finding one with a vibrant small group ministry.

  2. Amen and amen, Eric! I feel completely lost without our small group. Without it my connection has been, well, disconnected! We miss you terribly and long for that interaction again.

  3. growing big, by getting small … yup yup, it’s where it’s at.

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