Bring Down the Rain

Well, it seemed appropriate seeing we got over five inches of rain in about an hour this morning.

I wanted to share the lyrics to this song.  Jed Mercadante and I wrote it about a year and a half ago.  Jed is a worship leader as well and always very encouraging about song writing.  The words to this one ring real life to me more now than they did the night we wrote it.  The idea being that the GRACE of Jesus is like healing rain falling over our brokenness.  Without further adieu:

Bring Down The Rain

Words and music by Jed Mercadante and Eric Barnes

 You hear me and I know You’re there

Even when I’m in despair

Your love heals, it’s tried and true

No other love can see me through


I trust You now, I trust You always

You’ve been faithful all of my days

Rescue me, break the chains

Pour down Your love and let it rain



Bring down the rain

Your healing rain

My heart is broken

I need You today

Reaching to heaven

I call out your name

O Jesus, O Jesus

Bring down the rain


My heart and soul are thirsty

For Your grace and Your mercy

Bring it down, O bring it down



4 Responses

  1. How ‘bought a .wav file with a sample? I love the lyrics, now I need the tune!

  2. Wow! How applicable today. I needed that today Eric. Thank You.

  3. Great Song! Those writers must be some great guys!

  4. Jud: no recording yet
    Ellison: Cool…your welcome
    Jed: I think so!

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