Living Hope

Sunday, Pastor John Thomas, the Chairperson of Living Hope Community Centre and Pastor of Fish Hoek Baptist Church of Capetown, South Africa spoke at Graystone Church.

Using Philipians 2: 1-11, Pastor Thomas challenged us as a church to be servants and to WORK ON (I liked his choice of words, “work on” with a emphasis on continuing) unity, humbleness, caring for others and not to be selfish.  He was genuine and simple in his approach and I would say most were captivated by his talk (British accent as well)

The Living Hope Centre  is a ministry that was established to help children and families specifically who are victims of HIV and AIDS.  The idea being that if you can stop the cycle of behavior, there might be a chance of saving lives for the future.

John and President BushThe previous administration of the United States of America supported this  program and it was having a growing impact.  The current administration has decided to put more of an emphasis on treating the adults related or victimized by HIV and AIDS, so Living Hope is now depending greatly on individuals for support.  If you would like to make a difference in this arena please check out the following website:


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