The Next BEST Thing for Halloween

ericdanaOK, so I didn’t get to be FAT ELVIS for Halloween 2009, but I got to be the next BEST thing.  FAT ERIC!!! 

Dana and I went to a party of old high school friends and we went as Dana and Eric from the 80s.  Mrs. Dana went as the always beautiful homecoming queen.  The banner she is wearing is from 1986 and that baby is official!  She’s got the look!  Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  I out punted my coverage.  Yep.  But I win!  I was me 1985.  That is my authentic Dacula Falcons away football  jersey.  Can you believe I used to get shoulder pads underneath that?  And, I was a fullback!  I tried parting my hair down the middle, but it didn’t look the same as 1985.

markmikeericWe had a great time and saw some people we rarely get to see from the old days.  This photo is me with a couple of childhood buddies.  We all three went first grade through UGA to school together.  Can you believe the pirate on the left is an Optometrist?  Yep.  Mark J. Forster in the FLESH.  The guy in the middle was the best man in my wedding and he hasn’t changed much.  Ha!  Thanks to that wig we were able to use flash photography.  He is the illustrious attorney, Michael T. Smith.  Yeah, you thought it was the lead singer from Grand Funk Railroad, but it’s not.  Great times.  Great people.  Laughs and laughs and laughs.  

Love these folks.


4 Responses

  1. Looks like a great time, Eric! Hey, how come your jersey doesn’t cover all of your stomach? Dana’s banner seems to still fit her just fine… : )

  2. Cool! What can I say. U and that coverage, so true. U left your lemon teeth at my house!!!!

  3. Dude! You shoulda been down in J’ville suited up.Dawgs coulda used you! I bet you could still tote that rock a few times! Punt coverage…well. I can’t say much.:)

  4. Hey John…because I swallowed a Michelin radial-x…..

    Flavver…I’m going to need to get those teeth back from you. Don’t be trying them out!

    OK…Anytime someone says I should have suited up because the DAWGS could have used me….is a terrible indication that we are in a mess of trouble. But thanks, Adam. Truth is if I carried the ball a few times…I’d probably die from the heart attack before the impact!

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