Who Pushed the Pause Button?

Do you ever feel like someone pushed the pause button in your life?  Or has everything seemed to be playing in normal mode and then things just seemed to stop or worse, they seemed to be going backwards?  What should we do when life has seemed to stall? j0432687

These questions have brought a Bible character to my mind on several occasions and I would like to take a look at his life and how he handled himself through these life pauses.  His name is JOSEPH.  You can read the whole story of Joseph in Genesis 37-45.  What a great story it is.  

Things begin with Joseph at age 17.  His father favored him over his brothers and did special things for him, one of which was making a robe of many colors for him.  Things were going well for the seventeen year old, but his brothers were hacked off at their father’s favoritism, so….PAUSE…they threw him in a pit until they could think of how to get rid of him.  Talk about a pause in life.

Joseph’s brothers didn’t kill him, although most of them wanted to…whew!  Instead, they sold him to some Midianite traders, who then sold him to an officer of Pharoah named Potifar. 

God was with Joseph and blessed him.  Joseph was made overseer to all of Potifar’s house.  God blessed the house of Potifar because of Joseph.  PAUSE….Potifar’s wife got a thingy for Joseph and tried to seduce him.  Joseph ran and she accused him of sexual advances.  Potifar had Joseph thrown in jail.

While in jail, Joseph found favor with the chief jailer and because God was with him, he continued to prosper and he was given responsibility over the other prisoners.  Eventually, Joseph was allowed to interpret a dream of Pharoah and Pharoah found favor with Joseph and made him second in command under himself.

Egypt went through seven years of abundance which Joseph had predicted and stored up grain the entire time to prepare for the seven-year famine which Joseph had also predicted.  The whole Earth began to suffer the famine and Egypt was the only place to find food.  Joseph was a huge success. 

One day his own brothers showed up and after a series of cat and mouse games, he revealed himself.  His brothers were ashamed,but Joseph promised that he would not harm them.  Joseph had Jacob, his father, and their whole family moved to Egypt.

Joseph was 39 years old when he was reunited with his family.  He endured twenty-two years of separation from his family and many pauses in his life, but in the end he saw that God had used this experience to save his family from hunger and to prosper instead.

God’s ways are incredible and his orchestration is amazing.  I try to remind myself that God is orchestrating a greater plan than I could ever imagine.  I want to be like Joseph and always continue to be true in the highs and lows of this life.  When I have a PAUSE in life I can always look to the Father for comfort and know that He is with me and that He uses my circumstances for HIS GLORY!!! 

Are you going through a PAUSE?  Seek Him and be comforted.  You can be His for all time and truly this life itself is really a PAUSE for the GREAT life to come with Him eternally.


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  1. Spoken well! Love you all!!

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