Can you OINK?

OinkersHad some serious pig today in Clayton, Georgia.  I went with the pork plate with Brunswick stew and some awesome steak fries.  Yuh-uhm!  I mixed the mild BBQ sauce with the HOT (Weehoo!)  Good stuff. 

We spent last night and today with our friends, the Webbs, in Clayton.  God painted the sky last night with the stars and it was on display from where they live.  Today we went to Highlands and played along the river.  They took good care of us and we had a blast!

Do you have a favorite BBQ joint?  Oinkers was awesome, but I also love Fresh Air BBQ in Jackson, GA and Sprayberry’s in Newnan, GA.


2 Responses

  1. Nothing beats Memphis BBQ- Don’t even try!

  2. Gotta say Oinkers is pretty good!
    We had so much fun and we needed this mini vacation with you guys. Thank you for coming!!

    We love The Barnes !

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