A Christmas Favorite

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas, now that I’m approaching geezerhood… is to walk the neighborhood at about 8:00pm and take in the lights as I listen to Christmas songs on my MP3 player (geezer).  I don’t have an iPod yet.  Sometimes I just walk it with my family with me instead of the music playing. 

My youngest son has been walking it with me and we talk about all kinds of guy stuff (geezer to grasshopper).  He hits me up almost every night now to go and walk.

The only complaint I have is that there are far fewer houses celebrating this year in my neighborhood.  I am sure it’s due to the recession, but it is depressing compared to last year.  I swear I could almost feel the heat from the lights last Christmas as I meandered through our streets. 

I surely don’t put up Christmas lights because I’m having a good year financially and I do appreciate keeping the bills down in this economy, but I miss them still the same.

We have a reason to celebrate Jesus Christ whether we have a job or not, lost a loved one, our family split up or any other number of situations in this life that we encounter.  I don’t mean to be insensitive on folks with an unfortunate happening in their life right now, but without celebrating Jesus Christ there is an emptiness, a void.  He really is the only HOPE we have.

When I walk alone I talk to God, interestingly enough about guy stuff (GOD to geezer) pretty much like my son does to me.  I cherish my time with Him and love the reminders of Jesus’ birth and the fact that one day regardless of what this life brings I will be with him to walk different streets that will shine forever!


2 Responses

  1. Eric,

    Great message. Your note confirmed that I need to put on my Christmas wreaths! Thank you!

  2. Right on, bro! A baby in a manger. What an unlikely savior. Jesus… The light of the world!!!

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