Just Worth Mentioning

Today was a great day and a busy one.  The day started at Graystone, our new church home.  What a great group of people.  The current series is Love is Here.  The main point from Jonathan  (our lead pastor) was we, as a church should LOVE GOD and LOVE OTHERS.  Graystoner’s like to say it this way, “Dominate our community with the LOVE of CHRIST.”  Great worship today at Graystone.

Also, Dana and I were invited a few weeks back by a couple of really close friends to Married Life Live – goes Christmas at Northpoint their church.  So, we went and it was the bomb.  (OK, an outdated term, but truly accurate.)  Our friends took us to dinner tonight to some swanky place called Village Tavern in Alpharetta and then we went right over for the main event.  Those Northpoint guys have there stuff together.  I love to see what’s next with them.  (Note:  Our boys went to Hebron Church tonight to see there Granddaddy do his thing in the Christmas musical there.  They said it was awesome and saw me in some old videos.  They made it loud and clear that they were OLD videos.  But nothing they said phased me, I got to hang with the main squeeze all by myself without breaking up one brotherly fight.)

All of these churches have had such great impact on our lives and the lives of so many others and for that we are so grateful.  Anyway, it was a great day and we love our family, friends, church and our Father and it’s just worth mentioning.


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