20 Months, But Who’s Counting

I met with Kyle Hale, my worship pastor, today to iron out some particulars for a song this weekend.  Kyle has invited me to play (sing) with the band this week as we kick off the new HEAVEN series at Graystone Church.  Kyle is a great encourager and an awesome worship leader.  The band is a great bunch of talented folks that I am looking forward to working with. 

Yep, 20 months since I saw a mic up close.  The pipes may be a tad rusty…..but I have enjoyed the workout and can’t wait to use them this week.  I am pumped and glad to be so.

If you don’t have plans or might be looking for a great place to belong, come visit us at Graystone.  Service times are 9:15am and 11:00am on Sundays.


7 Responses

  1. Thank God for this privilege to sing His praises!
    You’ll do great!!!

  2. I can’t wait……love you and so proud!!!! ;o)

  3. dear amigo-

    bring your song of Freedom!

    ’cause free is what you are.


  4. So happy to hear you are picking up and moving on – reminds me of The Dream Giver – when sometimes you have to give God back everything – which is a hard thing to do – in order to grow and move on! If we weren’t doing a choir special this Sunday – I would be there – music is how you are wired and I’m so glad God has said “Eric, lift up your mic” God is good!

    Lots of love and prayers for you and yours!


  5. Thanks ladies and pac. Marty, The Dream Giver is very relative right now. You are right. Thanks. If I weren’t singing this weekend, I’d come hear you.

  6. AWESOME! I’m so glad for you!

  7. […] 4.  ”In Wonder” song with Planet Earth video was the perfect follow up to my message, “What is Heaven like?”.   Awesome debut Eric. Your pipes did not seem rusty to me. […]

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