In Wonder

Today was a great day!  Well, with the exception of the spring forward time change.  Jim Hollandsworth, executive pastor at Graystone,  and I have decided that it’s time for the time change to end.  We think this should be the last one.  OK Jim, you get it done and I’ll back you up the whole way.

When I walked into the worship center at Graystone this morning I felt good.  I am very honored and grateful to Kyle, Jonathan and the whole encouraging Graystone staff for allowing me to be a part of the worship this morning.  Our church is an awesome place and such a great church to worship freely.  I felt total FREEDOM to sing a song to the most high God this morning. No looking over my shoulder.

At the end of Jonathan Howe’s, lead pastor of Graystone, first message in the HEAVEN series, we did the song IN WONDER, made popular by the Newsboys.  I didn’t get to see the video that was playing while we did the song, but I heard it was awesome.

My family is so glad to be plugged in at Graystone and thankful to God for getting us there.  We are blessed.

P.S.  Dustin Mattox, thanks for the loving threat!  LOL


5 Responses

  1. so proud of you…… ;o)

  2. Glad you had a great time & was able to really worship today. Sounds like you have a great church in Graystone.

    We had a great day yesterday too. Robert sang, Were It Not for Grace, which is one of my favorites. It was nice to see him worship and minister to the congregation again. It felt good. We are trying to get plugged in to our new church home too.

  3. We are proud of you and look forward to all that God has planned for your life.
    You and Dana are faithfully waiting on the Lord. In the meantime you both have grown closer to God, He has met your needs as only He can do, and as hard as it has been, you have been blessed through it all.
    We continue to pray for God’s will in your need for a job to provide for your family. Remember, God is good, in control and never late. Sometime His purpose is greater than our understanding but in His timing all is well.
    Matt. 6:25-34

  4. Dude, I would have loved to have heard you do that one! Proud of and for you, bro!

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