The Greatest Pause In History

Symbolically, I believe today, the day that we mark as the day after Jesus Christ died on the cross over 2000 years ago, was the greatest pause in history.  The Master, the King, the Redeemer, the Savior of the world, Messiah had been put to death by human hands.  How could it be?  If Jesus was really God in flesh, how could he have been killed by His creation?

He laid down His life for the world, but what now?  The disciples must have been thoroughly confused and in immense fear.  Don’t you suppose they were wondering which of us is next?  They had all scattered as Jesus was captured and lead to the religious officials to be questioned, beaten and killed?  What now? 

What about all of those who had become follower’s of Jesus,but were not of the twelve disciples?  What were they thinking on this day?  How about those who had been healed?  How about Lazarus, who had been raised from the dead, what was he thinking?  Could Jesus be resurrected if He was dead? 

Aside from the followers of Jesus, I am sure the ones who had come after Him for His life were thrilled.  Life for the religious leaders could get back to normal or so they thought.  I would think business was slow in the villages with the news that Jesus had died.  I bet the day after He died seemed surreal.

Often before the climax in a great song, or before a great storm, or  before a great ending in a story there is a pause.  In a song, a pause or rest, is to create drama or to build a moment for a huge conclusion. 

The pause of this day in history was one not of the end, but the beginning.  It was the beginning of HOPE, ETERNAL LIFE, PAYMENT FOR SINS, REDEMPTION, but time had to pause for the MIGHTY day of RESURRECTION to come. 

Yesterday our Master gave the ultimate sacrifice for ALL.  Tomorrow He rises in ultimate GLORY!  JESUS RULES!


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