Politicians Behind the Horses in the Parade

Our family went to the Dacula Memorial Day Parade this morning.  It’s always great and we go every year, rain or shine.  It comes complete with flag waving, honoring fallen soldiers from all the wars since WWII till the present, tanks, tractors, old american cars, marching bands, ball teams, beauty pageant winners and candy for all the kiddies on the rode side.  There are always more than enough politicians as well and the number seems to be growing each year at the parade.

As for the politicians, most folks sat down when they came by and seemed to lose interest.  We decided that the politicians should be put after all the horses in the parade……..and if any of them cleaned up the mess………..we’d vote for them.


Flav 35

A good friend of mine had his 35th birthday today.  He’s going to catch me, yet! 

Flaviu is a great friend and I am very proud of him.  Check out these links to find out more about Flav.