Something I Never Did As A Dacula Falcon

Oh yes…I bleed blue and gold, but not for that trade school in Atlanta.  My blue and gold blood is for the Dacula Falcons.  I graduated in 1985.  I also bleed red and black because I am a DAWG from UGA 89′, but that’s another story.  Back to blue and gold.

As a Falcon, I scored points by shooting baskets, kicking a football through the uprights…well most of the time, and by running in for a touchdown a few times, but I never scored any points  in baseball.

There is a perfectly good reason for no points in baseball.  I never played baseball for the Dacula Falcons.  I never got to win a baseball championship at any level or for any sport for that matter at DHS.

But, my son has.  Michael has been privileged to play on two championship teams the last two years.  I’ve heard people say….this group is special and I believe they are right.  You can go to the DHS commons area and find two Gwinnett baseball championship trophys that this class of 12′ team has already won and they are only upcoming juniors.  Yeah…I’m proud of all of them.

There is one other thing I never got to do as a Dacula Falcon….hit a home run!  But my oldest, Michael did it today on Brian McCann’s home field in Duluth against Shiloh.  I love you boy, home run or no home run.  Jesus Rules with you and that’s the coolest thing I know.

I look FORWARD to the next two years especially for the Dacula Falcons.

Whatta ya say kid….?  GO DACULA FALCONS!!


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