The Other Side of the Fence

If you are a baseball fan, you know how nice the ballparks are these days.  They are beautiful compared to what I played on.  We never had a grass infield when I was playing.  Shoot, the first field I ever played rec baseball on was a chicken wire fence and dugouts.  The out fielders could really roll up in that baby on a long fly ball.  Today the worst field is better than what we played on.

There is however, a thorny, rocky, muddy, weedy, poison oak or ivy laden area just beyond that fence in the outfield, usually. This is a place that on a normal day, I would never be willing to step, crawl, climb, get scratched or take a chance at the poisonous weeds, tics or snakes.  But, when one of your sons has hit a home run that all changes.

It makes no difference what is on the other side of that fence, you will attempt to get that ball.  This is especially true on the first one.  This weekend, my youngest son, Evan hit his first home run.  I was so excited.  My oldest son, Michael, tracked it down and I was so impressed that he wanted to find it for Evan.  All of this makes me proud.

So, Ev got his first home run in a All-Stars Championship game three weeks after his older brother got his first home run in highschool baseball.  Way to go guys.  What a June!  I love you, both.


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  1. Somethin’ tells me their was a little coaxin’ by Pops to go out there.

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