Trust Him

Understanding God’s will for our lives is sometimes confusing at best. The Bible says that he has a plan for us. (Jeremiah 29:11-13) But, what if the plan isn’t as we would have designed. What then? Doesn’t he want what’s best for us? Doesn’t he want us happy?

Often times His will is nothing like ours. Do we give up trusting on the Creator? No. His best for us may be very different looking than we envisioned. Happiness can be chosen regardless of the circumstances. He loves us, but are our own children always happy with our decisions for them? No.  Yet, we do what is best for them.

The Bible also says everything is done for His glory, not ours. It’s hard sometimes, but we have to trust Him regardless of our circumstances. May you and I have the strength to take His plans for our lives.

“Acceptance is taking from God’s hand absolutely anything, He gives, looking into His face in trust and thanksgiving, knowing that the confinement of the situation we’re in is good and for His glory.”Charles Swindoll


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  1. Thank you, Lord for enabling Eric to hear Your thoughts…what an awesome reminder of our need (my need) to trust you, and you alone – not always 2nd nature to me. Help me to remember that trust is pro-active, and that it’s only by Your will that my needs are met. Eric, thank you for sharing – blessings to you…

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