Growth in Unstable Times

“In unstable times, growth comes from leaders who create change and engage their organizations, instead of from managers who push their employees to do more for less.”      

Tribes by Seth Godin


2 Responses

  1. I like it, bro! …buy in from the top down. It’s too bad that too often it works the other way around. The visioneers are left pushing a proverbial “greyhound bus” of beauracracy and death by committee in reaching for the stars. Most often “any” Ivory tower is overflowing with of “fear of man and fear of loss of status” to ever get on board with a vision that’s never been their’s…they don’t own it and would rather live for status quo. ‘Cause that’s certain and comfortable…
    Faith grows in the house of uncertainty.

  2. There’s no doubt that when I’m ‘in the zone’ as a manager/leader, my team never fails to amaze me. It’s the times that I fail to lead that things seem to come apart.

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