The Cross Is All That Matters


Once we’ve been face to face with our sins and then realize that Jesus suffered and died at the CROSS for them, we have a decision to make.  We can either accept His gift of salvation from our sins and receive life eternal with Him or go our own way and take a life eternal without Him.  I choose Jesus!  The Cross is all that matters!


Rats Keep Winning the Rat Race

Does anyone remember what “Classic Rock” was called before the turn of the century? For you youngsters out there, it was just called “Rock” or “Rock & Roll.”  I love today’s Christian music, but Gimme some 70s Rock any day! Today, I was listening to some Atlanta Rhythm Section and this lyric  stood out – “I just can’t be that dog eat dog, the rats keep winning the rat race.” As Christ followers, we’re called to love others. Dog eat dog and running the rat race have nothing to do with loving God and loving others.  Don’t buy the lies that we can’t be servants to God and others and still be successful!

Even a great secular rock band got it.

Today is HIS Day!

As the sun goes down and shines through the Starbucks that I am camping out in for the moment, I feel warm.  Today is the Lord’s day and every day after that! There is comfort in knowing that He has a plan and I get to be a part of it! It’s time for new dreams and a new journey. His will be done and great days to come……no matter where the journey leads.  JEREMIAH 29:11-13