East Georgia College Outfielders

My family had lunch today with two of East Georgia College Bobcats.  I love sports and have been privileged to be around sports for most of my life either playing, coaching or in my new experiences as a chaplain.  So, it’s easy to say I love spending time with athletes.

These two are a little special to me, one is my nephew, Seth Gower and the other is his friend and teammate, John (aka. Boo, J.W. etc.) Wesley.  Both of them are outfielders for the Bobcats and both are very talented baseball players.  They came all the way from Swainsboro, GA this weekend and shared some mexican chow with us after church today.  It was great to spend some time with them.

I pray God’s blessings on both of them.  Also, I’m praying that they do their best at East Georgia and show-off a little on the ballfield in 2013.  GO BOBCATS!!!


Thanksgiving thoughts 2010

My twelve year old son and I are spending the day together.  Here was my question to him.

“What are you thankful for?”  I know I shouldn’t end with a preposition, but this is what I asked.

His responses:

“I don’t know.  Is this a trick question?” he said.  Recessions touch everybody, even kids. 

“No,” I replied.

“Well, my family…my toys…my house…friends…a yard to play in…food…clothes and our cars.”

Then I told him this:

While looking at verses for giving thanks, I came across several that all said, “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good and His love endures forever.”  He loves us and always will.  God, our Father knows all of the hardships we are going through, but still His love endures.  Even when we question those circumstances or His will for our lives, His love endures. 

Let’s think and give thanks for what He has done.  Maybe our perception will change and maybe we will bring positive thinking and hope to those around us.  Then we can move FORWARD and make a difference instead of sinking inward and being paralyzed.  

God loves us!  There is hope!

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Ever feel like you’ve gone a step FORWARD to find you’ve only taken a couple of steps backwards? Can’t stop though. Fight to go FORWARD. Circumstances are temporary. God knows what is happening in your life. The Holy Spirit is there to comfort. Jesus is there to be a friend.

Happy Birthday, My Dana!

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Most Interesting Man at Graystone Church

The Other Side of the Fence

If you are a baseball fan, you know how nice the ballparks are these days.  They are beautiful compared to what I played on.  We never had a grass infield when I was playing.  Shoot, the first field I ever played rec baseball on was a chicken wire fence and dugouts.  The out fielders could really roll up in that baby on a long fly ball.  Today the worst field is better than what we played on.

There is however, a thorny, rocky, muddy, weedy, poison oak or ivy laden area just beyond that fence in the outfield, usually. This is a place that on a normal day, I would never be willing to step, crawl, climb, get scratched or take a chance at the poisonous weeds, tics or snakes.  But, when one of your sons has hit a home run that all changes.

It makes no difference what is on the other side of that fence, you will attempt to get that ball.  This is especially true on the first one.  This weekend, my youngest son, Evan hit his first home run.  I was so excited.  My oldest son, Michael, tracked it down and I was so impressed that he wanted to find it for Evan.  All of this makes me proud.

So, Ev got his first home run in a All-Stars Championship game three weeks after his older brother got his first home run in highschool baseball.  Way to go guys.  What a June!  I love you, both.

Something I Never Did As A Dacula Falcon

Oh yes…I bleed blue and gold, but not for that trade school in Atlanta.  My blue and gold blood is for the Dacula Falcons.  I graduated in 1985.  I also bleed red and black because I am a DAWG from UGA 89′, but that’s another story.  Back to blue and gold.

As a Falcon, I scored points by shooting baskets, kicking a football through the uprights…well most of the time, and by running in for a touchdown a few times, but I never scored any points  in baseball.

There is a perfectly good reason for no points in baseball.  I never played baseball for the Dacula Falcons.  I never got to win a baseball championship at any level or for any sport for that matter at DHS.

But, my son has.  Michael has been privileged to play on two championship teams the last two years.  I’ve heard people say….this group is special and I believe they are right.  You can go to the DHS commons area and find two Gwinnett baseball championship trophys that this class of 12′ team has already won and they are only upcoming juniors.  Yeah…I’m proud of all of them.

There is one other thing I never got to do as a Dacula Falcon….hit a home run!  But my oldest, Michael did it today on Brian McCann’s home field in Duluth against Shiloh.  I love you boy, home run or no home run.  Jesus Rules with you and that’s the coolest thing I know.

I look FORWARD to the next two years especially for the Dacula Falcons.

Whatta ya say kid….?  GO DACULA FALCONS!!