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Small Groups – Why I love them

Over the years, I have grown to be a cheerleader for small groups.  First, let me say, I am in favor of all types of discipleship.  However, we have to make decisions on which is going to work best for us based on our schedules with family, work and spouses, etc.  We need to get the most for our time.

I love small groups because as a group you sit in circles instead of rows which makes for more interaction, accountability and connecting relationally with other Christ followers.  I am not against sitting in rows and learning from an excellent teacher, but that is called church.  There is less interaction, less accountability and less relational connectivity.  Think about it….if I go to a big church it’s easier for me to HIDE.  Agreed?

That being said, I love going to my small group because of the freedom.  Here is what I mean by freedom.  When I go to small group, I don’t feel like I am check marking a box to get some spiritual point or two.  I am going because of the need to interact with other believers.  We need to gain strength for our  own spiritual life from prayer, God’s word, and others.  We can learn from others.  We can encourage others.  We can help financially.  Small groups allow us to become close relationally and that is one of the greatest strengths. It’s also a great time to spend spiritually with your spouse.  You can grow with other couples who are experiencing the same phases of life as you.

I hope you are involved in some kind of discipleship besides just listening to your pastor on Sundays.  Let me ask you this?  How’s your relationship with your Pastor?  Are you guys eating together, spending time at the gym, getting together one on one to learn the Bible?  We need others and others need us.

If you’ve been a part of a small group, but have gotten away from it, let me encourage you to get back in the saddle.  You need it and others need you.  If you’ve never been a part of a small group….you don’t know what you are missing.  You will grow closer to the Lord, just try and see!